Mouse Input not working

Dec 20, 2010 at 9:20 AM

I've tried this library on one of my personal projects (and it simply works like a charm)

But I got into some trouble with mouse input. I can't get it to do a mouse click. It processes all media keys perfectly, but mouse input just doesn't work.

I've Googled a little bit and found that it seems to be a problem in SendInput API.

I can use mouse_event function via P/Invoke without any problems. Is this a problem with UAC or UIPI ? I've tried running my app as Administrator and Compatibility mode for XP but got the same result. mouse_event function is obsolete (according to msdn documentation).

Do we have another way of getting this to work ?


My environment: Win 7 64-bit. .NET 4, VS 2010. App compiled for "AnyCPU"